Message from the Desk of Director

  • P. K. Taneja

    P. K. Taneja

    Director - SDMC (IU)

    (Former Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Gujarat)

    Nearly 50% of the world's disasters and 80% of the world's disaster-related deaths every year are concentrated in Asia. The SAARC region is also experiencing, a consistent increase in occurrence of number of hazards every year and SAARC countries are striving hard to reduce the impacts of the respective disaster risk by adopting local disaster risk reduction strategies

    In 2015, three interlinked landmark international agreements viz. (1) Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR); (2) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); (3) Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP 21) were formalised to bring countries together and guide them towards risk informed, comprehensive and inclusive sustainable development.

    All the SAARC Countries are signatory to these international agreements and the Governments along with stakeholder from across Asia have renewed their commitment to a substantial increase in the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies by 2020 during AMCDRR ÔÇô 2018

    Upholding the aims to promote the welfare of the people of South Asia and to improve their quality of life through regional cooperation in mutually agreed areas, SDMC(IU) is committed to provide an effective platform for knowledge sharing for Disaster Risk Reduction amongst Member States.

    I believe, with the advent of new technologies, the region is strengthening its Multi Hazard Early Warning Mechanisms and is determined to develop end-to-end disaster risk management systems. It is our duty to serve Member States by providing a platform for policy advice, technical support for holistic management of disaster risk and facilitate resilience building for institutions and communities in the SAARC region.

    I appeal all the stakeholders to participate and contribute in development of resilient SAARC Region.

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