The functions of the SAARC Disaster Management Centre (IU) are

  • Provide assistance in the formulation of Policies, Strategies and Sustainable Development Frameworks in relation to disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Undertake/ promote research for better understanding of the various meteorological phenomena of particular interest to the SAARC Region, with a view to enhance the capability of National Meteorological Services (NMSs) of the Member States, particularly in the field of early warning to provide support for preparedness and management of natural disasters involving relevant knowledge and operational institutions in India
  • Collect, compile, document and disseminate data, information, case studies, indigenous knowledge and good practices relating to disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development
  • Compile and collate information for the region required for weather forecasting and monitoring special weather phenomena.
  • Strengthen regional response mechanisms to reduce loss of lives, injuries and to provide timely humanitarian assistance to people affected by disasters.
  • To identify organisations in the region dealing with relevant key focus areas, facilitate interaction, promote coordination and cooperation amongst institutions (ministries, authorities, inter-governmental organisations, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, funding agencies, etc.) and other stakeholders involved through networking for the exchange of experiences, information, data, expertise, knowledge and technology transfer in the key focus areas of SDMC
  • Organise training workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures for various stakeholders on key priority/focus areas of the Member States and on various aspects of disaster management.
  • Develop educational materials and conduct academic and professional courses on key priority/focus areas.
  • Develop training modules on various aspects of key priority/focus areas and conduct programmes for Training of Trainers including simulation exercises.
  • Coordinate SAADMEx with the Member States.
  • Analyse information, undertake research and disseminate research findings on key priority/focus areas among the Member States.
  • Undertake preparation of databases, publication of journals, research papers and books, and establish and maintain online resource centre in furtherance of the aforesaid objectives.
  • Collaborate with other global, regional and national centres of excellence to achieve synergies in programmes and activities.
  • Conduct studies on assessment and management of disaster risks posing a threat to inclusive and sustainable development in South Asia.
  • Undertake research, projects, programmes contributing towards mitigating the impact of trans-boundary disasters.
  • Facilitate from within and outside the region supply of emergency needs in times of disaster, in line with SAARC disaster response mechanisms.
  • Facilitate exchange of experiences and technical support among Member States on National Action Plans for Disaster Risk Reduction.
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