COVID19 Emergency Fund

In order to combat COVID-19 in the region, Prime Minister of India proposed creation of a COVID-19 Emergency Fund based on voluntary contributions from all the SAARC member countries. The fund can be used by any of the partner countries to meet the cost of immediate actions.

Announcement of COVID19 Emergency Fund

Contributions by Member Countries (As on date 14-04-2020)

Sr. No. Country Contribution 
1 Afghanistan USD 1,000,000
2 Bangladesh USD 1,500,000
3 Bhutan USD 100,000
4 India USD 10,000,000
5 Maldives USD 200,000
6 Nepal NPR 100,000,000 (USD 831,393.45)
7 Pakistan USD 3,000,000 (Proposal made for SAARC Secretariat)
8 Sri Lanka USD 5,000,000
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